AEP is an inclusive raiding guild progressing through AQ40 with BWL and MC on farm. Many of our members have a multitude of alts and can be found running multiple 20 mans per week with guildies and randoms alike.

Our raiding atmosphere is laid back, and we expect people to show up with an attitude that helps us progress.

Our loot system is fairly unique; DKP is earned per raid and saved to get that 'one big item' you've always wanted. Add your DKP to your roll every third(+) raid when using DKP to better your odds of winning. If you don't want to use your DKP, you can roll and win 1 Tier, 1 Role (Healer/Caster/Tank/Melee etc), and 1 Bonus item. Free roll on all end raid 'heads'.

We are always looking for new members who bring dedication and willingness to learn to the table. Take a look around, and reach out if you are interested in joining the AEP atmosphere.